Thursday, March 15, 2007

Our Furry Companions

Paco is our little Chihuahua who is pure joy and a wonderful little companion.
Pico is the little cockatiel on my shoulder looking down at Paco. Unfortunately we lost Pico about a month after this photo was taken. He flew away outside. They were just getting to know each other as Paco came as a little 7-week-old puppy (all 1-1/2 lbs!). Animals have feelings and moods. My husband used to give neck massages to Pico (the bird). It got to the point that Pico would nudge him with his beak whenever he wanted a massage. Animals respond to energy. In some of my darkest moments, little Paco sensed my sadness and would stay by me quietly just looking. I consider pets as a gift from God.

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Robin said...

What are the flowers in the top picture? They remind me of coreopsis with their long, slender stalks but the blooms look almost like daisies.