Saturday, March 17, 2007

How Do We End Up Where We Are ?

Many of us have traveled down a twisting pathway forged by our parents or grandparents that was shaped by economic, political and religious circumstances. I live in the Seattle, WA area today because of some missionaries who came to Indonesia in 1938. The Reverend R. A. Busby from Bethel Tempel (which still stands in downtown Seattle) came to Batavia (now Jakarta) as a missionary for the Assembly of God. My mother and her family were converted by the Pentacostal ("Pinkster" in Dutch) missionaries when she was a young girl. After fleeing Indonesia in 1948 to The Netherlands, some cousins went ahead of us and emigrated to the USA sponsored by the Busbies of Seattle. We followed in 1962 and eventually in 1964 were sponsored by those cousins and moved to Seattle. Each move was a stepping stone to the next.

Photo on right is circa 1945. My mother is the one sitting properly on the first row far right with the white shoes (age 27). This was a Bible School class in Indonesia.
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Esther said...

Hi Bianca,
I received your comment on my blog, many thanks. You know, I was very happy to find there are other people interesting in the VOC because of roots. Actually you are the first one :).
It was very interesting to read about your mother, grandmother and grandgranmother. I would love to write about that too but I don't know it very well. I shall ask my mother if she can write it down for me some time.
Don't you think it's weird my family has a Dutch Indies background, while me, a adopted Indonesian girl doesn't come from that VOC period? Sure it's possible I have a Dutch Indies background, but I am not able to know. As a child I always thought: hey she (my aunt et cetera) looks a bit like me and I identificated myself with them, but I always knew there was a difference. I'm curious who my family is.
I will read your blog!

Esther Yana Srikandi