Sunday, November 05, 2006

Dutch East Indies Geneological Association

"Indische Geneologische Vereniging (IGV)" is the Dutch East Indies Geneological Association. This association is based out of The Netherlands. The database is gleaned from what used to be the Civil Registry of Dutch East Indies for Europeans which was established in October 1828 to end of December 1949. This registry was not taken to The Netherlands after the transfer of sovereignty (Indonesian Revolution). The list of of names is from a series of files and cards extracted from the Civil Registry and kept in The Hague. Fortunately, there is an English version to using this database. Please click on the green title link above.

1918 Dutch East Indies - The baby sitting on her grandmother's (my greatgrandmother "Oma Wilkens") lap is my mother. The two girls on the right are her older sisters (Tante Juul en Tante Ellie) and the two boy on the upper left is her brother Harry and the blond boy is her cousin Max)


Bernice said...

Hi Bianca!

Love the picture- you can see how the kids are happy to be with Oma! Each time I see those old photos from the Indies it's like looking at family!

The ING website is interesting and has all my family's names. Are you by any chance a member, and if so, have you found it useful?

We still gotta get together. See you soon!

Jack said...

The link to the Dutch Indonesian Geneology is messed up. I couldn't figure out why my browser kept dying trying to open the link up. The correct link is