Thursday, July 21, 2005

Where Are We ?

The following are statistics from the retirement system in The Netherlands as of 2003. They represent individuals born in the Dutch East Indies who are now receiving retirement. That means those individuals lived through WWII and the Indonesian Revolution, the dark Bersiap period. If you compound the numbers from this initial list factoring the 3 generations of descendants, you can see the widespread diaspora spanning the globe.

Netherlands 51.005
United States 4.811
Australia 716
Canada 617
Indonesia 344
Belgium 335
Spain 316
Germany 240
France 219
Great Britain 135
South Africa 113
New Zealand 97
Switzerland 72
Netherlands Antilles 52
remaining countries 302
Total 59.374


Oka said...

Can't believe that many people with Indonesian heritage are spread worldwide.

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Melissa Stocks (Dias). I am trying to find any information about my family. My grandfather's name was Rudolph Gerard Dias born in Tanjong Penang in 1921, he later joined the Royal Netherlands Navy and in about 1947 he came to Australia and left the Navy and married my grandmother. They settled in Tasmania, Australia. He had three sons and a daughter. He died in 1969, when my dad, Walter Dias was 17 years old. I know my grandfather had 3 brother and 2 sisters and his parents names were Joseph Jacob Dias and Fransiska d'Albuquerque. I do know my greatgrandfather was a prison of war in WWII. Can you help me? After reading your Blog I am not sure where to start. I believe records were not well kept, especially after WWII, I really would like to know what and if possible where any relatives could be now. You can contact me on Facebook.