Thursday, July 21, 2005

Famous People Connected to the DEI

Jane Seymour, actress: Mother was a nurse, father a doctor in the DEI. Mother was in camps during the war.

Eddie Van Halen, rock singer: Second generation Dutch-Indonesian, born in The Netherlands.

Michelle Branch, singer: Third generation Dutch-Indonesian (mother is Dutch-Indonesian).


Marguerite R said...

Wonder where you got the information of John Frankenberg, that he was a doctor in the DEI. I have never known that. I knew the man as I lived with the family in Wimbledon for a few month. Her mother Mieke was a very good friend of my aunt, and that is how I came to Wimbledon. They had 3 girls and Joyce was the eldest. He was a doctor of obstretics in London.
Regards, Marguerite.

Indisch4ever said...