Friday, July 22, 2005

Trip Back to The Netherlands

This June (2005) I returned back to the country of my birth. It was nostalgic afer 32 years. This photo is me overlooking the Port of Rotterdam, my birthplace. Interesting, because now I live in Seattle, a major port to the far east. Guess I was destined to live in ports.

As I entered through Schiphol Airport Customs the official looked at my passport, looked up at me and said in Dutch "Spreek je noch Nederlandse ?" (Do you still speak Dutch ?) and I felt at home right away. To summarize the trip, it was nostalgic and interesting, but upon returning to the USA it made me appreciative for my life here. What I did like about Holland is the strong connection to the colonial history through food, art, literature and the mix of people. I'll write about the Pasar Malam Besar we attended in Den Haag in a separate article - annual Eurasian festival.

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Dennis said...

When I first arrived at Schiphol Airport in 2008, the Customs officer there looked at my Malaysian passport and looked up and me. He then said to me "Dennis De Witt is not a very Malaysian name, I suppose?"